Asian Weddings are celebrated worldwide with pomp and jubilations, but the way the people of the subcontinent celebrate weddings is incomparable to any other region. The Sikhs, Hindus, and Muslims of the subcontinent have lived together for many years. That’s why many wedding customs and rituals are common among the three. Like their subcontinent brethren, the Sikh people are known for their colourful, musical, and magical weddings. The Sikh wedding ceremonies and rituals are numerous. I can count twenty of them on my fingertips. Let us look at some of these fun-filled and incredible rituals which make up a Asian weddings.

Sikh Wedding Videography


Sangeet stands for Music. The bride-to-be and her bridesmaids are the main focus of this ritual. Family members and friends are invited. Usually, only a few immediate family members of the Groom would be invited. Traditional songs are sung, and dholki is played. Food and drinks are served.


The Mehndi is a famous wedding ritual throughout the subcontinent. Also known as Rasm e Hina, it is a common tradition in Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. The Groom’s mother provides decoratively packaged mehndi to the bride. It is usually accompanied by bangles and other decorative ornaments. The mehndi and the Sangeet are often performed together. The bride usually has mehndi on her hands and feet. Delicious food and drinks are served. Men and women prepare dances for months and finally perform in front of everyone on mehndi.

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Hindu Wedding Videography


Photography & Videography

Although not a traditional ritual, Asian weddings, such as Arabic, Afghani, African, Pakistani, Hindu, Sikh and Tamil weddings, are incomplete without photography and videography. Both the families capture each ceremony and ritual to protect the memories forever. Photography usually includes general photography, personal photoshoots of the bride and Groom, and their immediate family relatives such as parents and siblings. Wedding albums are prepared, and videos are made. Some weddings are even theme based, such as a Bollywood movie.

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